November 1st, 2003


Chapter e=mc^2: In Which I Never Drink... Wine.

I’m Romania.

It’s an ugly, ugly country. I mean it’s Barbara Streisand ugly. Whether I mean her music or herself, you can decide for yourself.

Now, since this little venture already had a Russian and a Czech chime in with commentaries (A Russian other than me, that is. Which is by the way... damn. Forget NATO. Forget EU. Doqx, Inc has gone international first and we now all you Eastern Europes are belong to us) I feel somewhat justified in assuming that it is only a matter of time before some angry Romanian writes me and demands retraction, apology and general self-flagellation on my part. I am sorry li’l mr./ms. I Am From The Creepiest Country In Europe, but that’s the way it is. Everything here is drub, and cold, and dull, and bleak. I can’t wait to leave. The cities are gray and monotone and generally depressing (To be honest I only seen one and Clui isn’t exactly a metropolis but still… countryside is not much better)

It’s like someone took everything bad about effects of the dictatorship of the proletariat and threw it together. Voila. Romania. Yeach. No wonder Ceusescu started killing people. I would to. There’s nothing else to do here to pass the time.

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